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why you should work with Us

We’re open minded, inclusive and committed to do the things we enjoy - together. We are explorers, nerds, achievers and artists. We give a shit about the future of our earth. We make the extra step to create things we can be proud of. Want to join? Drop us a message or apply to one of our open positions.

what is important to us

To fit the team you should be a responsible person, take action and use feedback and criticism to your advantage. Think before talking, be independent and open to other opinions. Enjoy trying new things and informing yourself to understand trends and new technologies.

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Unreal Engine Dev

50% - 100%
Bern, Switzerland


Cat. C/CE
That little extra.


Coffee and fruits are free, we have a child care provider in the building and dogs are always welcome. In addition the crew shares a paid gym subscription as well as free entries to an exclusive *****Wellness & Spa.

The buildings of Holliger in Bern where Lunaversa has it's office