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Luna, AI Assistant

We are individuals with a shared passion to create. Together we seek to find new opportunities and solutions. We collaborate to discover new ways and knowledge and are committed to be sustainable and inclusive - around the PLANET and across digital worlds.


Boas Wigger

Director of Photography

Alejandro Riesco

Warehouse & Logistics

Nicolas Minder


Milo Presedo

AI Solutions Architect | In Training

Nils Bätscher

Camera Operator


AI Assistant

Artem Fedorenko

CAD & Lighting Designer

Bryan Brand

Founder | CEO

Gregory Bedford

Senior Sound Designer

Daniel Ilabaca

Senior Creative Director

we deeply care about the earth and her future.

our office and studio are 100% powered by solar energy. we aim to expand our sustainable approach to our vehicles and compensation of power consumption during productions in the foreseeable future.

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powered by the sun

We care about our environment. All our devices run on electricity from our solar panels.

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A remote place in the swiss woods
Printing and planting.

growing Trees

With every invoice sent, LUNAVERSA® donates a fixed amount to Almighty Tree, our partner who is committed to planting trees in the Swiss forests. They take care of afforestation and reforestation with the mission to act against climate change and the creation of a cleaner environment.